Spring is the Best Time To Plan Your Holiday Displays

It may seem like the holidays just ended but did you know that Spring is the best time to start planning for your 2018 holiday displays?

Many of our projects require large quantities of stock. Ordering early, before the Summer and Fall rush means you will be 100% prepared to install your holiday displays.

Get inspired for your 2018 holiday displays with these feature projects:



Holiday Christmas Wreath Display at Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University’s Trottier Observatory Promenade.

For this project, we added a row of Dekra-Lite 3ft Natural Pine Garland wreaths all lit with warm white 5mm mini-lights. Colour-washers illuminate the setting, as wreaths provide clear & safe passage towards the bus loop, shops & residences. Wreaths create a warm & inviting atmosphere – they also define a pathway to & from destination points. In concrete settings, they add greenery & a sense of nature, yet are easily removed at the end of the season. Wreaths can be used on walls, pillars & even attached to promenade light poles.

+ See wreaths on pages 32-37; pole mount wreaths for roadsides on pages 132-133, in our e-catalogue.


Commercial Holiday Garland Wraps

City of Port Moody, BC. St John’s Street Business Neighbourhood, light pole project.

Lit with Dekra-Lite 20ft Mountain Pine Garland wraps and 24” Red Structural Bows, this design it lit by 300 warm white 5mm mini-lights, and secured with commercial grade mounting hardware. Green foliage garlands add natural zest & flare to a regularly concrete & steel environment, making a walk to the local restaurant or shop festive & inviting.

+ See pages 40 & 74 in our e-catalogue.


Custom Holiday Pole Mounts

South Granville BIA, Vancouver, BC – custom designed & manufactured pole mounts; 5ft tall, 30” wide reversible custom design.

Features: aluminum frame, cUL listed electrical components, warm white ropelight design & fill in cool white twinkling mini-lights, and 3 different sized UV shiny round baubles in cerise, apple green & red.

+ Custom orders need to be in by May 1, 2018.



Custom designed orders & large quantity orders (50+ units) need to be in no later than May 1, 2018, to ensure delivery for the fall season. CONTACT US KNOW TO PLACE YOUR ORDER.


Decorating With Seasonal Pole Mount Banners

Share your town or facilities events and milestones year-round with colourful and effective seasonal vinyl pole mount banners. 

Seasonal pole mount banners are an eye-catching and affordable way to promote your message

You’ve probably noticed driving through just about any town, municipality or city, that there are colourful, large-scale graphic banners hanging from light poles. Whether these seasonal street pole banners are celebrating a municipal milestone, promoting an event or highlighting what’s happening at a mall, attraction or shopping district, one thing is for sure, these eye-catching banners are an affordable way to help you achieve your marketing and communication strategies.

Communicate your message with seasonal vinyl banners

Here at Dekra-Lite, we have colourful and unique banner designs that will add visual interest and communicate your message with minimal investment. We have an extensive collection of pre-designed banners and our team of talented graphic designers can help you create a custom banner for your specific branding. 

All banner designs are fully customizable and can be tailored to your needs!

  • We can create a custom light pole banner design specifically for your market.
  • All banner designs can be printed as single or double banners.
  • Our banners are printed on 13oz or 19oz matte or glossy vinyl and are backed by our three-year no-fade warranty. 

Browse of 2018 Banner Catalogue

We’ve just uploaded our new 2018 Seasonal Banner Catalogue. Take a look and get inspired for your next project. Please contact us to order or to ask us any questions. 

Top 3 Tips for Adding Lights to Your Christmas Display

One of the most popular commercial Christmas decorations every season is holiday lights. 

Adding Christmas lights to city centres, business and shopping areas, malls, hotels and businesses of all types, are one of the best ways to add holiday magic and charm to your customers. We get a lot of questions about best practices for hanging Christmas lights so we’ve put together our list to help you make the most of your holiday light display. 

Top 3 Christmas Commercial Holiday Light Tips

  1. Create a plan – Map out your plan before you start. You can use a professional installer, like our team here at Dekra, or hire a team to install your lights. Either way, make sure you plan out your design ahead of time to make sure you have enough lights.
  2. Use the right light for the right job. Make sure you only use lights and extension cords approved for outdoor use on your outdoor Christmas light displays. Safety first!
  3. Don’t mix and match different strings of different lengths. Different lengths of lights are rated for different amperages. 

Bulbology: Wondering what type of bulb to choose? Here’s a breakdown of our most popular styles. 

  • LED Mini Lights tend to be the most popular. Our collection of CSA LED Mini Lights are great for indoor and outdoor décor, commercial Christmas decorations, commercial Christmas displays, mall Christmas decorations and make great accents for Christmas trees. Our C6 mini lights are small, more traditionally-shaped lights. Bulbs are 3/4 inch in diameter and 1 1/8 inches tall.
  • C7 bulbs are similar to C6s but are slightly larger and rounder. They are 1 inch in diameter and 1-1/2 inches tall.
  • C9 bulbs are the big brothers of the holiday bulb family. They are frequently used in outdoor applications.

Why LED Christmas Lights May be the Right Choice for Your Business

By now almost everyone has heard the LED lights are energy efficient and a great choice for holiday light displays. But there are even more benefits than helping you reduce your energy bill. 

Here are 4 great reasons to use LED Christmas lights for your holiday displays. 

  1. LED lights produce almost no heat which means they say cool to the touch and are safe for people, children and animals to be around all year round. 
  2. Most LED lights are rated to last tens of thousands of hours, well beyond the traditional light life of incandescent lights that may only last one season. Dekra-Lite’s LED Lights last ten times longer and use 90{3ec5e20988212d6015aca3ecb5014cf2e1bbd7888514e9daa31c5febe7a14474} less energy than incandescent bulbs and boast an estimated life of 100,000 hours.
  3. LED lights produce bright, vivid colors and so you can get creative with your holiday light displays. 
  4. You can connect more light strings together end-to-end using one outlet making putting your holiday display together much easier.

Our holiday lighting experts are here to answer all of your questions. Contact us today!

Signature Holiday Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are an important part of any commercial, city or business holiday display. 

Our Signature wreaths are designed to help you create a magical Christmas display. From traditional looks to updated colors and styles, there is something for every business and property type. Since each wreath is built to order, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. 

See even more beautiful wreaths in our Christmas Essentials Catalogue – starting on page 34. To place your order, please contact us

Holly Wreath

The Holly Wreath comes decorated in red and green decor with metal holly leaves, ornament berries and a red structural bow with gold trim, lit with warm white LED mini lights.


Coastal Wreath

The Coastal Wreath comes decorated in apple green, turquoise and silver ornaments with silver ivy and a silver bow, lit with warm white LED mini lights.

Classic Wreath

The Classic Wreath comes decorated in red, green and gold ornaments, golden pinecones, brilliant gold ivy and a red bow with gold trim, lit with warm white LED mini lights.

Jewel Tone Wreath

The multi-colored wreath comes decorated in red, green, apple green, blue, teal, cerise, silver, purple, and orange ornaments, lit with warm white LED mini lights.

Traditional Wreath

The Traditional Wreath comes decorated in burgundy and gold ornaments with golden pinecones, radiant gold ivy and a burgundy bow with gold trim, lit with warm white LED mini lights.

Candy Cane Wreath

The Candy Cane Wreath comes decorated in red, white and silver ornaments, silver ivy, frosted pine cones and a candy cane striped bow, lit with warm white and red LED mini lights.

Unique Holiday Displays

With the holidays just about in full swing, with many places already starting to decorate for Christmas. While you may be used to towering trees and candy canes and reindeer, these displays put their own unique spin on the holiday season.

Robolights – Palm Springs, CA

Robolights - Palm Springs

Photo Credit: Robolights

This display takes a more unique spin on the traditional Christmas decor by featuring robots, aliens and other fanciful characters for Christmas.

Hyatt Extreme Christmas – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hyatt Extreme Christmas

Photo Credit: Hyatt Extreme Christmas

If you live in Florida, this attraction is not to be missed. It includes the largest Nativity display in the area, a 20 ft ferris wheel and a mega Christmas tree to name a few.

Interactive Tree – Denver, CO

The Interactive Tree - Denver

Photo Credit: The Interactive Tree

This is a homemade creation of light and sound that users can interact with. Visitors can control colour patterns and play with the drums and toy instruments.

34th Street – Baltimore, Maryland

34th Street Baltimore

Photo Credit: 34th Street Baltimore

34th Street in Baltimore pays homage to the classic Miracle on 34th Street with a dazzling light display that has been attracting visitors for years.

Pick The Right Christmas Tree For Your Space

With Christmas just a few short weeks away, chances are you are probably thinking of what Christmas tree you want to add to have this year. Here are some tips on how to pick the right Christmas Tree for your space.

Dekra Lite Christmas Tree

If you have a large outdoor space: A larger space lends room for a big, majestic tree. We recommend one of our large sequoia trees that also happen to be one of the safest on the market. These trees have self-shaping branches that “spring back” easily, making a sequoia tree a great option if you want to use the same tree year after year. They also come with two-toned UV foliage as well.

If you are looking for a more “realistic” tree: Our monarch trees have a life-like appearance and are more rugged in structure, which gives them a more natural look. These trees work well in indoor and outdoor spaces.

If you want a traditional tree: We offer more traditional trees including the classic noble fir, the mountain, Oregon and Calgary pines, and a festive snow-capped tree. These trees come with LED lights and are the perfect classic Christmas tree that looks great in front of your home fireplace or in an office setting.

If you want an elegant look: The Olympia pine is made with commercial-grade foliage, energy efficient LED lights and galvanized steel to withstand indoor and outdoor environments. Whether you are looking for a towering tree or a smaller one, the Olympia pine fits all holiday decor needs.

Be sure to check out our online catalogue for more information on all of Dekra Lite’s trees to find the perfect tree for your space. Our team of elves is available to answer any questions or help you design your perfect holiday display. Contact us today to learn more!

Christmas Essentials Catalogue

 Christmas is about 3 months away, which means now is the time to start thinking about your holiday decor. Our NEW 2016 Christmas Essentials Catalogue is here and full of fun new festive decor that is perfect for any space.

Dekra Lite Holiday Essentials

Some of the things you can find in our catalogue include:

-Elegant Sequoia Trees

-Festive And Design Wreaths

-Majestic Pines

-Decorative Ornaments and Baubles

-Animated Winter Scenes

-Fiberglass Decor

-Illuminating Twinkle Lights

-Stunning Pole Mounts

-And Much More!

You can view our 2016 Christmas Essentials Catalogue here or contact us today to place your decor order. Our holiday elves are standing by and ready to help you create the Christmas display of your dreams!

How Many Lights Does Your Christmas Tree Need?

Hard to believe, but Christmas is just 6 short weeks away, which means it’s time to start thinking about Lighting up your tree’s. Whether you prefer a traditional evergreen, or a more deciduous tree, one of the most important things to determine is how many lights you need to have on hand to decorate your tree. A few things to take into consideration include:

dekra lite christmas lights

  • Tree Type: Evergreen trees such as spruce, pines and first are fuller, which means you will likely need 25% more lights than the standard recommended count. Deciduous trees are much more slender, so you won’t need to order as many strings of lights.
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor: Naturally outdoor trees are much bigger, with some reaching as high as 50 feet! Indoor trees usually can get up to 20 feet high, which is something to keep in mind when you are deciding what kinds of lights to order.
  • Light Type: Are you looking to cover your tree in twinkling LED mini lights? Or are you looking for a more bolder statement by using some C7 and C9 lights? Or maybe you want to wrap your tree in lights instead for a more dazzling effect.

dekra lite christmas lightsHoliday lights can create a different effect depending on the tree and the style of lights. We have a large selection of lights ranging from multicolored to just a standard white, which can help you create the perfect scene.

If you are looking to decorate an outdoor tree this year, this chart illustrates how many lights you should order based on your tree height:

dekra lite tree height chartEvergreen trees are thicker, so we recommend ordering C6, C7 and C9 bulbs. If you are getting a deciduous tree, they are thinner, so chances are you won’t need to order as many lights. If you are decorating a bush or a hedge, consider some brilliant mini lights or some lit displays.

dekra lite tree height chartIf your Christmas tree is in heavy lighting, consider ordering 200 mini lights per vertical foot for a stronger effect. For medium lighting, 100 mini lights per vertical foot will suffice. C7 & C9 bulbs along with mini lights will both work wonderfully on an indoor tree. Lastly, 6” bulb spacing is the most popular look when stringing your lights

Of course, we also offer pre-lit trees that come in a variety of sizes and lights if you don’t want to decorate a tree yourself, creating a timeless look year after year. dekra lite light treesIf you aren’t sure where to start or what to order, Dekra Lite can help! We have a team of holiday experts who are available to help turn your Christmas dreams into reality. Contact us today at 1-888-710-5483.

Holiday Design Ideas for 2015

Believe it or not, Christmas is roughly 3 months away, which means now is the time to start thinking about how you want to decorate your property for the holiday season. Whether you are looking to create a winter wonderland or want a more traditional approach with elves and candy canes, our team of expert designers is here to help.

Here are a couple of case studies from some of our current clients to give an idea of what Dekra Lite can do for you:

Royal City Centre Mall:

Royal City Centre Lights
Royal City Centre Mall wanted an illuminated light display on their front facade. We designed a magical winter wonderland complete with our LED Ropelight snowflake, a 20′ Royal Streamer Sign above the entrance and wrapped trees with LED cool white mini lights.

With their winter wonderland in place, Royal City Centre Mall experienced over a 10% increase in traffic for the 2014 holiday season and as a result, are adding even more to their display for 2015. This year, we will be adding a new Image Projection system with a custom “Royal City Centre” colour GOBO that will illuminate the ground in front of the entrance.

Oakridge Centre Mall:

oakridge centre mallOakridge Centre Mall was looking to astonish their visitors this holiday season, so we installed 3 RGB Light trees complete with ornaments, decor and music that danced with the movement of the lights.

The trees were a huge success among mall merchants and shoppers alike, with many people stopping to take photos in front of the display. Oakridge Mall has already requested the same display again for this year.

As you can see Dekra Lite offers a variety of different installations depending on your needs. And for a limited time only, we are offering a FREE consultation with one of our expert designers (a $500 value). Chat with one of our experts 1 on 1 and we’ll design a holiday display that will get people talking. Call us at 1-888-710-5483 or contact us at sales@dekralite.com to schedule your consultation today.